Theatre for Exeter Development Group CIC

About Theatre for Exeter Development Group

When the City Council consulted on its Design Principles for the redevelopment of the Bus & Coach station, many people suggested that a new theatre should be provided on the site. Since then the Express & Echo has printed several letters from residents suggesting that Exeter deserves a new town centre theatre.

In response to this interest, the Exeter Civic Society hosted a Public Meeting on 6 December 2012 to enable the public to debate the possibility of a new city centre theatre. The Civic Society is not actively promoting a new theatre, but it believes that if members of the public express a desire for Exeter to have a city centre theatre, then they should be enabled to come together and explore the possibility and viability of this.

The Public Meeting was a success with 51 people attending and 21 wanting to form a group to investigate the possibility of having a city centre theatre. The inaugural meeting of those interested in forming a working group was held on 16 January 2013.

The group has met monthly since then and is now known as the Theatre for Exeter Development Group CIC. Our aim is to research the feasibility of a major new theatre for the centre of Exeter to serve Exeter and the Heart of Devon.

The first stage of that research is now complete and the findings are contained in a report which can be downloaded here (2.5Mb PDF)

If you would like to receive a paper copy of the report or would like to comment on its findings, please use the contact details on the home page of this website.