Theatre for Exeter Development Group CIC


Thursday 19th June 2014:
2 members of the group visited the Theatre Royal in Bath to learn how it is so successful but at the same time receives no public subsidy. We were given a guided tour of the performance spaces and backstage areas and then had a very informative discussion with the General Manager. Our thanks go to Rachel and Eugene for their hospitality and time.

Thursday 19th June 2014:
Pete Goodwin (Chair) gave the Looking Forward presentation to the Rotary Club of Exeter Enterprise at their breakfast meeting. The members were very excited at the prospect of a larger theatre in Exeter and pledged their interest and support for the work that the group is doing.

Wednesday 7th May 2014:
The Development Group has achieved registration at Companies House as a Community Interest Company.

Wednesday 23rd April 2014:
Pete Goodwin (Chairman) gave the ‘Looking Forward’ presentation to the 1800 Club of the Exeter branch of the Federation of Small Businesses. Approximately 20 local businesses were represented and a vote at the end of the meeting resulted in the FSB agreeing that Exeter should have a new theatre; that it would be beneficial to the members and that they were in support of the Development Group.

Sunday 20th April 2014:
The ITV Westcountry evening news ran a piece about the Bike Shed event which included a short interview with the Chair of the Development Group – Peter Goodwin.

Wednesday 15th April 2014:
Anne Bryne covered Monday’s event in an article in the Express and Echo which can be viewed here: This article went on-line and was then printed in the paper the following day.
 In the same paper there was also a very enthusiastic editorial comment about the benefits of a new theatre. Entitled “Theatre Study is Welcome”, it suggests that the Development Group “builds a powerful case” and that a new theatre would “boost our position as the regional capital”. The article can be viewed here: [LINK]

Monday 14th April 2014:
‘Should Exeter Have a New Theatre?’ event at the Bike Shed Theatre.
The Development Group gave their ‘Looking Forward’ presentation which looks at the history of theatre in Exeter and then summarises the report and the benefits that a new theatre could bring to the city.
The Bike Shed auditorium was packed with barely any standing room and after the presentation, a lively discussion ensued where several people gave their views on the question in the title. A show of hands revealed that a large majority of the audience was in favour.

Monday 14th April 2014:
‘Should Exeter Have a New Theatre?’ flyer printed. This is a 2 sided, A4 sized, 3 fold leaflet that quickly sums up our argument and tells people where to go for more information and how to get involved. It can be downloaded here: [LINK]

Thursday 20th February 2014:
Twitter feed launched. If you want to follow our Twitter feed or tweet, go to: @theatreforexet1

Thursday 13th February 2014:
An editorial comment in the Express and Echo questions whether Exeter can support two theatres and suggests that people in “Heavitree, Beacon Heath and Wonford” would prefer to have the pot-holes repaired and a decent rubbish collection.

Wednesday 12th February 2014:
The results of the Express and Echo poll “Does Exeter Need a New Theatre?” are in. 73% are in favour. See the article here:

Saturday 8th February 2014:
The 1st report from the Development Group is made available on this website and links to it are emailed to local press, TV and theatre professionals throughout the city with several printed copies being sent to influential people who we think should be interested in what we are doing.

Thursday 31st October 2013:
A good article appeared in the Express and Echo publicising the Development Group and the work that it is doing. Have a look at the article here:

Tuesday 24th September 2013:
Facebook page started. We hope to update this whenever we have some news or anything planned for people to attend or get involved with. If you want to ‘follow’ us or even just have a look go to: